FAQ/What Others Are Saying


When did The Reversal start?
We began in May/2010.

What bands and artists do you currently work with?
Our goal is to protect the anonymity of the artists we work with and provide a safe, secure place where they can be themselves. Artists are constantly on a platform, not just on the stage but walking down the street, eating out or going to church. We seek to be a place where artists can leave all that at the door and allow God to restore their spirit, experience true community and feel no need to perform.

How is The Reversal supported financially?
We rely on outside supporters (like yourself) to enable us to freely serve and be intentional with those that are constantly on the road. We see ourselves as missionaries into a culture/community that the local church is not currently serving. We’ve found that in order to do this it takes a focused effort and relationships to gain access where others simply aren’t able to minister. 

Why Don’t You Get Your Financial Backing From the Artists You Serve?
The experience of success can cause the question, ‘What does this person want from me?’. Artists/Bands are surrounded with people that seek something from them; an autograph, a picture, a co-writing opportunity, a job, high profile friendship, etc. As a ministry, we feel it is of utmost importance to not be one of the many ‘takers’  but to focus on pouring into them. This trust filled relationship can only be built over time, through consistency and genuine care.

Is The Reversal associated with one church in particular?
No, we are a para-church ministry that seeks to partner with multiple churches to walk alongside us as we serve the touring community. Please contact Milam if your church would be interested in hearing about our church partnership opportunities.

How can I give to support the mission of The Reversal?
Every $ helps us serve in this mission. You can give a one-time gift or become a monthly supporter by going here. For more info feel free to email us: info@thereversal.org

Is The Reversal only for bands in the Christian music industry?
Nope, as matter of fact most of our artists and crew do not work in the Christian music industry at all.

What Others Are Saying

“Being on tour is a complete disconnect from everything that gives you a sense of home and community. You leave behind friends, families, wives, girlfriends, churches, and pursue a rather isolated yet beautiful dream. In this career where instability is the only stability it is good to know that there is someone at home praying for you, sharing each week with each other, and subsequently me, via email and phone calls, and leaving the door wide open for immediate amalgamation into this ‘band of brothers’ upon your return.

For me that community when I am on the road is invaluable, it gives me the support I need, and the peace of mind to know that I am not alone on this pursuit of God half way around the world; there are others in the same exact place facing the same exact challenges today.” — Stephen Christian, Anberlin (Universal Republic)

“Since the first time I went to The Reversal, I felt like I had known everyone for years. There is just a sense of unity and family and accountability. It has continued to push me, to want to dive deeper in scripture.


It is great to have a group that is walking the same path you are. With all of the struggles and stress that come from being on and off the road, you know there are people praying for your ministry, safety and families.”
Rhett Walker, Rhett Walker Band (Provident/SONY BMG)

“Since I’ve been involved with The Reversal, I’ve begun to realize how great it is to seek the Lord with other people who know what it’s like to be on the road.  With hectic schedules, long days, constant traveling from city to city and being separated from friends and family while on tour, The Reversal has been a consistent community where I can come to be built up by the Truth.

I’ve found that during my time of touring, it doesn’t matter who I’m touring with…  The enemy will always use what he can to distract me from the Lord.  Sometimes, even good intentions of wanting to meet everyone else’s needs as a tour manager can end up leaving my needs in the dust.  My struggle to keep my relationship with the Lord as my first priority continues whether I’m touring or not.  I’m thankful that The Reversal provides a place for those of us who travel to come and find a consistent community comprised of those who love Jesus and do their best to follow Him.” — Lucas Boto; tour manager