Reconciliation is Personal

This is part 3 in our devotions this week on reconciliation (Click here for Part 1 & and here for Part 2).

Jesus Christ died to make reconciliation possible. You and I must live to make the message of reconciliation personal.

Spurgeon on reconciliation:

Our love ought to follow the love of God in one point, namely, in always seeking to produce reconciliation. It was to this end that God sent his Son. Has anybody offended you? Seek reconciliation. “Oh, but I am the offended party.” So was God, and he went straight away and sought reconciliation. Brother, do the same. “Oh, but I have been insulted.” Just so: so was God: all the wrong was towards him, yet he sent. “Oh, but the party is so unworthy.” So are you; but “God love you and sent his Son.”

Scripture for today: Ephesians 2:19-22

Music by DL Rossi

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