2013 is HERE! How did we do?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, we made it to 2013–despite what the Mayans told us!

Thank you to everyone that prayed, shared, gave and supported us throughout our year-end campaign. We are beyond amazed at your generosity & how God provided for this mission through you.

Watch our final video update here.

Here are the numbers (barring any surprises in the mail):
  • Total Year-End Giving = $19,520
  • That is almost $7,000 more than last year.
  • That is over 6 times our year-end total just 2 years ago.

We are speechless and continue to be amazed at God’s faithfulness.

Even though we did not reach our goal of $30,000 — we are still hoping and praying to hit that mark. If you were not able to give yet or feel led to help us hit that $30K mark, we invite you to become a supporter in 2013. $30K represents about 1/3 of our annual budget, needless to say there is more support, prayer and giving that is needed for us to accomplish our goals for 2013.

Maybe one of your goals for 2013 is to give more (or to give for the first time). What better investment of your resources than helping the Gospel spread in the music industry (easily one of the biggest influences on culture)? I would like to invite you to become a monthly supporter. You can set up automatic withdrawals right here on our website, set up BillPay with your bank or send your donation by mail. ALL GIVING IS TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. We will keep you updated on how we’re doing as the year continues.

Watch our final video update of our year-end campaign below, filmed on location at our new space where we’ll be meeting every Tuesday at 7:30pm: 201 22nd Avenue North, Suite B Nashville, TN 37203

To God be the Glory,


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