Why $30K?

Since our beginning in 2010, we have been a ministry that is supported and funded by friends all over the US. As we have expanded, so have our needs. In an upcoming video you will hear Milam share more specifically about our vision for 2013 and why our budget continues to grow.

But, for now, we want to share our short history. Year-end giving has made a huge impact on our annual fundraising and in many ways has been the only way we’ve been able to continue this mission. It has enabled us to start each year with a little breathing room and take steps otherwise impossible. 2011’s year-end giving helped us meet almost 30% of our annual budget for 2012. Many of you know what a HUGE blessing this is as charitable giving continues to go down in this economy.

  • Our first year, 2010, the year-end goal was $3,000. We met and exceeded that goal (130% raised).
  • In 2011, our year-end goal was quadruple 2010’s at $12,000. We met and exceeded that goal (107% raised).
  • Here we are in 2012…and we’ve set a goal of $30,000.

Anticipating this campaign in the early fall I called one of my executive board members, Robert Noland, and told him the # I was praying about for this year’s goal. He was encouraging and excited about what I brought to the table…then he paused…and challenged me to increase the goal even more! We have prayed, individually and together, and we believe God has given us a goal that will not only stretch US beyond our comfort but will challenge all of YOU as well.

We believe we can accomplish this with only 65 donations. As of 11/30/12, we’ve received 6 year-end designated gifts for a total of $3,350 (over 10% of the goal met before December!!!). 59 donations and $26,650 left to go…

Not everyone can give thousands…or hundreds…and that is okay by us. We only ask that you consider giving this month no matter the number – whether it’s $50 or $5,000.

Will you pray and seek God about giving to The Reversal this month?

There are 3 different ways to give here.


In the next VIDEO: You will hear from one of our board members, Robert Noland. He will share why he’s involved inThe Reversal and more.

Coming Soon: Milam answers a few questions from Robert and tells you our BIG plans for 2013.

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