The Cheerful Giver

There is not a flower that blooms but its very sweetness lies in its shedding its fragrance on the air. All the rivers run into the sea, the sea feeds the clouds, the clouds empty out their treasures, the earth gives back the rain in fertility, and so it is an endless chain of giving generosity. Generosity reigns supreme in nature. There is nothing in this world but lives by giving, except a covetous man, and such a man is a piece of grit in the machinery; he is out of gear with the universe. Man is a wheel running in the opposite direction to the wheels of God?s great engine. He is a jibbing horse in the team. He is one that will not do what all the forces of the world beside are doing. He is a monster; he is not fit for this world at all. He has not realised the motion of the spheres. He keeps not step with the march of the ages. He is out of date; he is out of place; he is out of God?s order altogether. But the cheerful giver is marching to the music of the spheres. He is in order with God?s great natural laws, and God therefore loveth him, since he sees his own work in him.

–Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Are you ‘marching to the music of the spheres’? Is giving a part of your life? Would those who know you describe you as a cheerful giver (not just materially, but with your time, energy, resources, etc)?

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