Our Year-End Campaign Summary

Thank you to all of you that have watched, read and shared our year-end posts the last couple of months. Besides having a fundraising goal to kickoff 2013 we are excited that we’ve been able to tell our story and our mission better than ever before (this is also the best way to share what The Reversal is all about with others).


Here is a summary of our posts and all 5 videos in chronological order:

1) Welcome to our 2012 Year-End Campaign – an introduction video (1 min)

2) Why 30K? (blog) – Since our beginning in 2010, we have been a ministry that is supported and funded by friends all over the US. Here is a short history and why our goal is $30K to kickoff 2013.

3) Milam Talks to Robert Noland (video; 2min) -?In this video Milam?talks to Robert Noland, an executive board member for The Reversal.

Robert answers a few questions:

  • Why he?s involved with The Reversal;
  • Why Nashville is the best location for a ministry to musicians;
  • Why you should consider giving to The Reversal.

4) Milam Answers a Few Questions (2 videos) – Robert turns the tables and asked Milam a few questions.

  • What are some of the mistakes that we?ve made this past year (2012)?
  • What do you feel like we?ve done right?
  • Where are we going in 2013?

Where Are We Going in 2013?

5) $30K…but how?!? (blog) – A picture and details on how 65 donations=$30,000

6) 5 Things We Want to See in 2013 (blog) – We released a?video of Milam sharing some of our vision for 2013, but were not able to cover our vision in full. There are?5 things we want to see in the coming year. This blog had to be updated shortly after because one of these goals has been reached (we have a new downtown location)!!!

7) Testimonials from The Reversal (video) – By far our most watched and shared video of this campaign. Hear how The Reversal is ministering to artists and crew in Nashville.

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