15 HOURS TO GO!!! (12/31/12)

Good Morning! And Happy New Year!!!
As I write this there are 15 hours left in the year and once again I am blown away by God’s faithfulness!
Yesterday was a huge day of giving — $6,700 (bringing our total to $15,700!!!)
In spite of me and my doubts, GOD is DOING THIS! We’ve marked off 11 more stickmen with only 21 to go!
That leaves us with only $4,300 until we pass $20K. We’ve already exceeded last year’s goal by$3,000 and we still have 1 more day.
Every gift helps us do ministry in 2013. It could be $10, $25 or $2,500.
All things are possible with Him. Please PRAY, SHARE, GIVE as we approach the finish line.
God is providing in miraculous ways, and using His people to do it.
To God be the Glory,

Year-End Campaign Summary (all videos & posts)

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