Book Milam to Speak At Your Next Event

Milam is now scheduling speaking engagements for the Winter/Spring (2012/13) season. Below you will find several topics that he can bring to your retreat, church or ministry. All inquiries should be emailed to for details and availability.

Suggested Topics:

IDENTITY: Who Are You? (1 – 4 Sessions)

  • We are all looking for identity, for our worth, for purpose. We identify ourselves by our career, art, family, or success. What did Jesus mean when He said to leave everything to follow Him? How are we to respond to a God that requires us ?die to self?? What is a disciple of Jesus? Who are you, really?

Keep Moving Forward (1 – 3 Sessions)

  • Milam recounts the tragedy of losing his brother, Josh, in Iraq.
  • Based on the book written by his father, Milam will share what happened on that day in July 2003 and how the loss has taught him more about:?Grieving and Death,?The Sovereignty of God,?Suffering and the Gospel

Marriage (1 – 4 Sessions)

  • Milam has also led marriage retreats – he weaves together personal stories and examples as well as utilizing material from recent books REAL Marriage and The Meaning of Marriage.

Email Milam if you have questions or to check availability:

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