JULY 2012 Ministry Update from the Byers

Dear Friends & Family,

Wow, what a month! It is hard to believe that July has come and gone. Our family hasn?t slowed down one bit – is this normal?!?

The passing of time is bittersweet, last week marked the 9th anniversary of my brother Josh?s death in Iraq (I posted a blog about that here). It is hard to imagine that it has been almost 10 years since we were shaken by his loss. But at the same time, a sweetness passes over to think of Josh in Glory. Every day takes us one step closer to a great reunion!

On another note, things around The Reversal office have never been busier. After reading our last update you can see that we are in a season of transition in some ways (how/where we meet on a regular basis) and in other ways nothing has changed at all (our vision to support, make and send out disciples of Jesus from the within the professional touring community). This summer has been an intense but fruitful journey and we are excited for what is to come!

This September, we will launch:

  • New Small Groups – Relationships, Community and Learning.
  • Fight Clubs – Fight for the Gospel, Fight for each other, Fight sin together. Groups of 2 or 3 committed to walk deeply with one another.
  • Reversal Events (Monthly) – A gathering for professional artists & the touring community of Nashville featuring special guest speakers.
  • Online Bible Study – Milam will be teaching through a chapter a week with three 10 minute devotions (M-W-F). This will keep us all connected whether on tour or at home.

Pray for:

  • This Community: That God?s Spirit would open eyes and hearts, giving them a hunger for His Word and deeper relationships.
  • The Details: That God would continue to inspire and speak to us with ways to reach His people.
  • Developing Leaders: Our goal is disciple-making disciples.
  • Finances: As we make these steps of faith we need more financial supporters. Our budget in 2012 has increased while our giving has not (budget details will be included in Sept?s update) – the next few months will be crucial as we trust God to provide through you (His people) for this mission.

We are grateful for your prayers, support and friendship.

To God be the Glory!

Milam, Ashley, Gunnar and Remy

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