On this day…

It was 23 July 2003, 0730 hours, 120 degrees, Ar Ramadi, Iraq. It was just 4 months into the war.

Captain Joshua Byers, the Commander of Fox Troop in the 2nd Squadron 3rd ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment), was leading a convoy that had just left their base camp.

On the other side of the world Josh’s parents were boarding a plane in Tokyo, Japan bound for Atlanta, Georgia. Josh’s two brothers, Milam and Jared were anticipating their arrival.

It was to be a day of celebration, not only for their mother’s 50th birthday but also for Milam and Ashley’s engagement just 2 days prior.

Without warning, a blast erupted in the Iraqi desert shaking the ground for miles. It would soon be felt by an unsuspecting family a world away.

One confirmed KIA (killed in action). 2 others critically injured.

A knock at the door, 2 men in Army Class A uniforms. They could only be there for one reason.

A phone call.

A husband, son, brother, friend, commander and soldier had been taken in the blast.

This is our story. This is a hero’s story.

CAPT Joshua Byers

This is the intro to the book that just released about my brother, Josh, titled Keep Moving Forward: My Son’s Last Words.

You can order a copy directly from us here, via Amazon here OR Kindle.

Part of the proceeds from this book go to benefit The Reversal.

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  • Shane Tucker wrote on July 25, 2011

    Milam, I'm so sorry you and your family lost Joshua. I'm very grateful for his service and sacrifice. May peace and joy flood your soul as you remember him this day friend.

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