Nashville – taking over LA & NYC?

As most of you know, Nashville’s music scene has seen considerable growth beyond Country & Christian music for the better part of the last decade.  We claim to be the home of  int’l successes like Jack White (The White Stripes), Robert Plant, Kings of Leon, Paramore and recent transplants The Black Keys (who just took home the Grammy for Best Alternative Album).  It’s an exciting time in our fine city, to put it mildly.

I don’t share this just to brag on the city I love and have called my home for the last 11 years.  It’s just further encouragement to know that God has placed us in the right place at the right time as we seek to serve artists who have an impact on the culture at large.  How would this already influential city look with more artists experiencing the life affirming power of the Gospel in their daily lives?  I can’t think of a better city in the world for our ministry to call home.

I’ve included an excerpt of an article that I read this morning and I have to admit that I was shocked at their findings.  Nashville, ranking 1st, boasts a ranking of nearly 4X the “musical influence” of the second place city (Los Angeles).

I encourage you to read the full article here:

From the article, Grammy’s Big (City) Winner by Richard Florida

Is the landscape of popular music changing? Could it be that new upstart music scenes in Nashville, Montreal, and elsewhere are gaining ground on New York and LA, the long-established hegemonic centers of commercial and recorded music?

Full study and results chart here.

The top ranked city is Nashville, which is literally off the chart.  LA is second, Montreal third, Toronto (where Grammy nominated artists Justin Bieber and Drake hail from) fourth, and Vancouver fifth (home to Michael Buble winner of the award for traditional pop vocal album), followed by New York in sixth.

Nashville has become a major force in the music business. Miranda Lambert was nominated for three Grammys this year and took one home for best female performance for her record “The House that Built Me.”  Alison Krause, who won the 2009 Grammy for her record “Raising Sand” with Robert Plant, has won 26 Grammys, the third most in history after George Solti and Quincy Jones. Taylor Swift, last year’s Grammy Queen, has a home in Nashville.

Over the past several decades, Nashville transformed itself from a rather narrow country music outpost in the 1960s and 1970s into a major center for commercial music. By the mid-2000s, only New York and Los Angeles housed more musicians. Nashville’s rise is even more impressive when you look at its ratio of musicians to total population. In 1970, Nashville wasn’t even one of the top five regions by this measure. By 2004, it was the national leader, with nearly four times the U.S. average. Today, it  is home to over 180 recording studios, 130 music publishers, 100 live music clubs, and 80 record labels.

Pray for Nashville and pray for The Reversal as we seek to impact this city.

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