I pray this season has been refreshing as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I’m so excited for what is to come in 2011 for our community.  I believe that we’ve only just begun to experience all that God has for us as we seek Him.

There are a lot of things happening as we close out our first year of ministry.

We are:

  • Expanding our small group Bible studies in January.
  • Launching this brand new website just in time for the end of 2010!
  • Continuing Podcasts.  Our goal is to deliver a minimum of 5 per month.

In 2011, the plans are much bigger:

  • We will be expanding the website to provide a secure community that will connect all of us no matter where the road leads.  This will also be a resource for bible studies, devotions and podcasts (from me & other pastors/communicators) focused around the trials, temptations, struggles and isolation that the road can bring.
  • Begin spouse outreach.  We see it as extremely important to provide a community and system of support for those who are left at home for weeks and months at a time due to a touring spouse.
  • Start other “Reversal” groups in cities of influence.  (LA, Seattle, Chicago, New York)
  • Provide road pastoring (when invited) on tour.  Visiting artists on the road for 3-4 days at a time, bringing The Reversal to your tour.

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